It is to laugh so much you orgasm.
Whats that mess over my new carpet?
John just had lolgasms.
by TheKingOfThisWord January 28, 2009
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the climax of a lollified experience
right around "then he popped out of the bushes and was like HEADSHOT!" is when I achieved lolgasm.
by joenajoejacksonsmithers May 29, 2004
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Guy 1; Oh lord of the fail, take Imi's soul and fail it hard and fast, to the depths of failhell, Amen.
Guy 2; HALLELUJAH! That's lolgasmic!
by Caitjuss October 13, 2008
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an abrupt fit of laughing, usually involuntary
"OMG that was so funny i might have a LOLgasm"
by big_ben100 July 28, 2009
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A feeling that can come from laughing or the feeling when your having a lolgasm
"Whoah good one!"
"Yep, i'm getting a lolgasmic feeling, haha"
by Mattaldinho November 19, 2008
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person1 "im not gay"
person2"tell that to ur asshole"
by twitchdbm August 27, 2007
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a "gasm" of "lol"

laughing uncontrollably. succumbing to a 'lolgasm'
the climaxing point of an enourmous laugh.

"susie saw bobby's face and had a lolgasm"

"emg. dude. LOLGASM at your face :)"
by mandaaaaa<3 May 24, 2008
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