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THANK YOU! In the last 6 months everyone seems to be writing 'loosing'. THE WORD YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS LOSING.
L-O-S-I-N-G. You are losing the match, you are losing your talent, you are losing your virginity! The second definition is wrong, you would say 'loosening'
Newspaper Executive: Cristiano, this is the last straw, 'loosing' is not a word! I'm firing you!

Cristiano Ronaldo: Oh, I didn't know I had to be able to spell to do this job, I guess i'm just an idiot! Haha
by Mattaldinho September 04, 2008
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Made famous by 'Del Boy' the main character from long running English sitcom 'Only Fools And Horses' Lovely Jubbly refers to good news or something good that has happened.

"Turkeys ready everyone"
"Lovely Jubbly"
by Mattaldinho May 18, 2008
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Can be used like lol in response to something funny or can be used to describe a funny event/series of events.
"You guys remember the time when we masturbated while hangliding!"
"haha, yeah, that day was lolation"
by Mattaldinho November 19, 2008
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Someone who is very funny. A magician of laughter, makes other people 'lol'
Homie - "ahh thats a good one, your the best lolagician i know"
Mattaldinho - "why, thank you"
by Mattaldinho December 04, 2008
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A feeling that can come from laughing or the feeling when your having a lolgasm
"Whoah good one!"
"Yep, i'm getting a lolgasmic feeling, haha"
by Mattaldinho November 19, 2008
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Used to describe something funny like, lolation but a different version.
"Mattaldinho is FUNNY"
"Yeah, he's lolational"
by Mattaldinho November 19, 2008
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A word that mixes brilliant with fantastic to make brilliantastic. This word can be used to express an emotion that is so spectacular that you need both brilliant and fantastic to portray how great it is.
Cool Guy : Oh no! the new gay rights proposal was approved!
Queer Faggot : Oh what brilliantastic news!
Cool Guy : Ah shut up you stupid faggot!
by Mattaldinho July 30, 2008
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