L.O.L.A, an acronymn made up by paul.
it stands for the phrase ''LOVE ONCE, LOVE ALWAYS''

A term used when someone loved another, at one point in time, and the love never faded, you loved them once, you will love them forever
Paulie will forever L.O.L.A with phil.
by Paulie-O June 30, 2005
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Lola’s are one of the best people you will meet, if you aren’t close to her she usually won’t try to become friends cause she isn’t very good at it. But if you are close she will care so so much about you and you would have to mess up big time for her to not like you anymore and usually if you do mess up big time she will still care about you. Lola’s usually have a rough personal life and there is usually something shitty going on in their lives but sometimes it is hard to know whether she wants to talk about it. Lola’s are usually really good at some type of art and will fascinate everyone with it. Lola’s will probably have no detentions and try’s their best in class. Lola’s love their friends and will comfort them when ever they need it. Lola’s are super strong and can get through anything. If Lola’s are ever annoyed at you you should always try to talk to them and talk about what you are feeling so you can try and work it out. Lola’s will always love their closet friends and always try’s to find a way to make things better. Lola’s will try their best to fight the shit going on behind the scenes but usually will let a lot out when she is with people she trusts.
Lola is going through so much but always manages to stay strong.

I love Lola and I hope our friendship never falls apart.

Why is she so good at art.
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Lola is one girl that could be a model because she is so pretty and is perfect and she has big bright eyes. Every guy wants her and every girl wants to be her. She is one sassy, absolutely hilarious girl who loves leggings and Starbucks. If you get in the way of her Starbucks you might as well kill yourself. Never get on her bad side or steal her Starbucks because she will slap the shit out of you.
Lola went to Starbucks 5 times today? I am not surprised.
by bestpersonontheplanet May 08, 2016
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Usually very sweet and funny friends and girlfriends. Mostly known to be very attractive and beautiful. Outgoing and fun is also a characteristic. If you ever meet a Lola, you should definitely make friends with her.
"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..."
"Please stop singing that song, i am more than that."
by downstreetshighs March 01, 2009
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A very friendly girl who makes an amazing best friend, she's beautiful, caring and always knows how to make people happy. She's a crazy hyper girl that you can argue with sometimes but it's never a big deal, she's always there no matter what but tends to want space to herself. She can be stubborn sometimes and will want to prove her point no matter what with the little impatience she has but it's just her, deep down she does care and will always care. She's very outgoing and loves to be herself but sometimes needs help reminding her of just how great she actually is. Her laugh is contagious and it's hard to stop laughing around her. She can be a bully sometimes and is mean for NO REASON but she makes a great friend and anyone would be lucky to have even a piece of her in their life whether it be a friend, best friend, boyfriend or even a family member, you're lucky to have her.
omg is that lola? RUN SHES GONNA BULLY
by Rovop November 02, 2019
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Is not gay but she is.
She was checking out that girl while she was with her man. She's such a Lola.
by Gaydor January 24, 2018
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Lola is a female name of spanish origin, meaning "strong woman." Lola is a lovely name, but carries with it the unfortunate nickname "Lolita."
My can is named Lola.
by lynx wings April 23, 2005
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