Lola is a girl that is normally/currently featured as the spokes person for Opilola in Opilola's commercials.

She was a make-up model for a few years, but she got tired of it. So, she then turned to commercial advertisement for products such as shampoos and hand soaps. Not too long after her first few commercials aired, a scout agent recruited her to be the spokesperson of Opilola
Something Lola would say: "Mmmm! .... Drink it!
by T-Rex-Man November 21, 2009
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Lola is a Tagalog (Filipino) title that is used before ones name or as the name to denote the status of a grandmother. Lola is also used to refer to any female friend or accquaintance generally over the age of 55 regardeless of relationship.
Lola Tuding gave me $200 for my birthday! My friend's grandma is so cool.
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a terrific song by a great band called the Kinks, the song is about a transvestite - Lola
by tAc October 30, 2003
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The epitome of a city girl: someone who sets the stage for the lastest fashion, someone who carouses through NYC on a daily basis, whether it be at school or life in general. MUST have worked at some fashion related store (ie. Club Monaco) and must be known to many as "crazy." If spotted, Lola will probably be in jeans with a cute top on and some fashionable gold jewelry, and on occasion you'll find her dolled up in a cute little number probably purchased in NYC (obviously). Lola, or city girl, just loves to party. Period.
"What are you wearing tonight?" -"Whatever Lola wore last night."
by Bloodsissy December 06, 2007
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Lola is sure a stunning girl, beautiful eyes, Brown hair and an good sense of fashion. She is always bubbly, excited and funny. After spending time with her she will loosen up more and you'll see all her best colours.She loves music and art, she has a natural flair for drama too. She's a wonderful friend and usually sticks with her inner circle because they mean the world to her. Here family are the biggest part of her heart and she is close and alike to all of them. Falling in love with a lola is a whole new subject, she will make you feel like you mean the world to her. She will treat you like your her prize possession. But once you're in love with her you can't go back to not loving her. You won't initially realise if she doesn't love you anymore as a Lola doesn't like to share her feelings. Eventually she will take you for granted and not care about your feelings whatsoever, then cut you off completely. She will absolutely obliterate your heart and not look back. It's usually hard to tell if a Lola is shy or confident. Don't think you know her because you probably dont.and always be aware of how she is acting and feeling or you will feel like you don't know her at all.
Once I fell in love with a girl called lola, she tore me to pieces, skin and bone. But I can't seem to get over her. ๐Ÿ’”xo
by Heartbreakloverxo August 27, 2018
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Lola is the name of a magnificent strong woman. Has hair of brown and a heart of gold. there will defiantly be a time where she will have to pick between two guys.

She will one day be married two a Jamier
by Jamjjam February 08, 2019
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