if your called lola, your one of the coolest peope alive. tends to dress like a hipster, mashed up hair, mutlicoloured nails.
"Whats your name lav'?"
"My names Lola"
"Ooh, your pretty darn cool" ;)
by omgshawesome! March 23, 2010
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Lola is a sweet girl who is determined to help others she normally has brown hair. she has lots of friends and people who like her. She pretty average looking without make up but that dosent stop her from doing something amazing with her life. She's determined to make a difference
Lola is such a babe.
by Riesml September 03, 2017
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used for an extremely sexy female, whose lover is toto tuff
you are my lola
i love you lola
by toto tuff December 13, 2010
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Lola is the cutest girl ever! she is super loyal, smart, and funny in her own way. She's the perfect catch for any guy, and if you got yourself a lola keep her, she's the marriage type, but won't back down from a fight. She's a ride or die, and the best friend ever, she won't let you down.
Me:Dude I honestly really like lola....
bro: Send it
by Djtitties September 06, 2018
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a common autocorrection for lols on the iphone/itouch
tom: dude i just ran over a fucking cat
bill: lola
tom: wtf?
bill: lols*
by lolasahai April 28, 2010
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She is shy and awkward but once you get too know her she is out going and funny. You can trust lola no matter what she will keep any secrets and is a really good friend

Her ocean eyes will draw you in any you will never return
That lola she is sooo beautiful
by Error 404 user not found May 10, 2019
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