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Lola is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She's hilarious without even trying, the slightest thing will set her laugh off and once you hear it you'll never be able to get enough of it because she has the most amazeballs laugh ever. Her laugh makes even the shittiest of days fun. With one flip of hair you'll completely ignore her size and her sass will completely take over and you'll have no choice but to give in ;)
Lola is loved widely and greatly and none more than me her #1 bestie (hi that's me for business enquiries pls hit me up wink wink) She is absolutely beautiful and she's the kind of girl you'll never be able to stop dreaming about because she's absolutely flawless and perfect even more so than Beyonce and Beytwice.
Guy 1: Dude, look at that girl she's amazing!
Guy 2: Ahahaha, that's Lola she's way out of your league mate.
by ElyasKardashian August 11, 2014

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