Oui, where you going mate?”
“Going to the can go do a little wet logging
by JimFoot January 29, 2019
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Proper name for a man's penis after he has engaged in sexual intercourse with a woman suffering from a yeast infection.
Damn yo, after I finished banging this girl last night I went to the bathroom and saw I had a full-blown Wisconsin Cheese Log. I washed off my dick and got the hell out of there...

Did you hear? Agnes gave Gordy a Wisconsin Cheese Log after they got out of the hot tub...

After we had sex, I asked for a blowjob so I could feed her the Wisconsin Cheese Log her friend gave me earlier in the night.
by Gordy McDonkeypunch October 13, 2013
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The act of throwing something away that was once of great importance.
"Bro.... I was sooo hammered last I think I might have to waste log my liver ! RIP "

-Delaney Crawford
by Waste logged May 4, 2017
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When your half way into a female during Intercourse and it looks like she has a log stuck in her twat. But in reality it's just a really big meat log.
Bro.. I layed the twat log on that girl last night in my canoe.
Last night my girlfriend told me fell my cedar penis log inside of her bushy forest that she calls a vagina.
by DaMaTeRMaNG October 9, 2019
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Living Bratz doll that cakes on makeup to make self esteem higher while simultaneously failing at life
That U-Log is a such an idiot!
by horsecock123 December 1, 2009
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Someone who'd always talking shit, spreading rumors, and anything along the lines of gossiping.
"Bella is always talking about how annoying Taylor is" Susan said
"Yeah, Bella is such a shit log" Linda said
by Lumine Lover March 27, 2018
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When your taking a shit and it stops mid shit
Brother: hurry up I need to shit
Ne:I cant I'm shit logged
by Commie.doggo March 22, 2019
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