When you try to position yourself as woke to impress the people around you or when you actively go against facts and science to push your bullshit ideology
"Kunta kente hasta Amma lakem, my brotha! Vaccines kill people and give babies autism #staywoke"

"Shut up fake woke ass up."


"White genocide is real! They're trying to impregnate all our women! #stayawake #1488"

"The racists are trying to be fake woke now that we don't care about skin color anymore."
by catapillarman September 30, 2017
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Fake woke is assuming moral or ideological superiority through the act of purporting unpopular opinion or socially righteous motives that are factually untrue.
"Law enforcement want to kill black people! They are our enemy! #staywoke"
"Officers only want to apprehend criminals, you're fake woke!"
by nama jeff June 2, 2017
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most of the time, girls named anna are considered “fake woke”.

it is to pretend to be woke usually for clout a very contagious and destructive mindset.
I cannot believe she said she, a white person, is oppressed. she’s such a fake woke!”
by Seanixiplier August 1, 2019
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Fake woke is when someone tries to discredit actual facts then pretend their ideology on the matter is true. Fake Woke has been a trend ever since in the Age of Informationpeople, hackers, whistle blowers have given the public information that has been kept secret overtime; so the government has given the green light on private agencies (Facebook Cambridge Analytica/Meme “creators” as an example) to create posts, articles contradicting actual facts/truths. People known as sheeple who think they know but do not know begin to share and spread those memes and articles of the falsified information all over the net, creating two sides of the Woke trend keeping the actual truth/actual woke people buried under all the gibberish of false information accomplishing the governments agenda of keeping the masses divided, confused and away from the actual FACTS.
CoronaVirus is fake, it barely killed anyone. It’s just to make people panic.

But it’s actually 10x lethal than the flu, killed more people that SARS and MERS in just two months, has spread to 6 continents. You’re being fake woke
by i415efp March 12, 2020
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Fake woke is when a person, group of people or any form of media or entertainment uses real truths and facts to gain trust and a following only to mislead these people into believing things that are not true.

The best example of this is Alex Jones. He uses real information to gain support while also using fake information to discredit himself and anybody labelled a conspiracy theorist like him. He claims to support the president but then flips on him during crucial times (when trump launched the missile at syria)

Kanye West is another good example. Claimed to be maga for all that time and then took his hat off and said nevermind, i never really believed in that stuff. He was fake woke from the beginning.
Look at all these fake woke celebs attacking Trump. They know he is going to drain the swamp and they are fighting for their lives.
by TheChampionAmon April 25, 2019
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people digging back many years to find something problematic about currently unproblematic people so they can "cancel" them

not to be confused with woke twitter
Fake woke twitter is annoying and needs to stop digging up irrelevant shit celebrities did in the past that has been apologized for and learned from.
by spilledtea March 8, 2018
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