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When you try to position yourself as woke to impress the people around you or when you actively go against facts and science to push your bullshit ideology
"Kunta kente hasta Amma lakem, my brotha! Vaccines kill people and give babies autism #staywoke"

"Shut up fake woke ass up."


"White genocide is real! They're trying to impregnate all our women! #stayawake #1488"

"The racists are trying to be fake woke now that we don't care about skin color anymore."
by catapillarman September 30, 2017
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Fake woke is assuming moral or ideological superiority through the act of purporting unpopular opinion or socially righteous motives that are factually untrue.
"Law enforcement want to kill black people! They are our enemy! #staywoke"
"Officers only want to apprehend criminals, you're fake woke!"
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by nama jeff June 03, 2017
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