Load it: To put marijuana in a pope,bong,vaporizer...etc.
Damn that purple kush is dank, Load it!
by G-13 Seattle Patient November 20, 2009
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To sprinkle some of the bestest herbs of the marijuana plant in a pipe
Julano: Yo Bob! Check out this lemon desil i just picked

Pepe: That is smoke dank herb, LOAD IT!
by MR WHOO-HAAAH March 5, 2010
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Large quantity of drugs or money gained as a result; paired with being a dealer
Todd H: Heh boi ya got the load?

Billy C: Ah hell ya we gonna be rich!
by hoodhunky69 June 25, 2018
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No Load. A nobody, 3rd wheel that brings nothing to the party of a conversation but thinks
they are important. Often they are in the way of a guy getting laid, paid, or made.
Gary, can you lose the no load, then we'll go over and fuck Catlin and Kelly.
by Casbah Ken September 7, 2015
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A huge overdue amount of cum that weighs down your balls and makes them ache blue
(In the pool)Baby no one can see us in the water. Rub your little bikini ass on my dick so I can blow this load..
by Erik da Red July 12, 2003
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I guess your mom didn't swallow one load when you were conceived?
by kam75xx August 15, 2018
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Also known as cum, jizz, white pee, steve, man's best friend, seaman's special, puberty juice, and your mom's favorite beverage.
by Bitch_fucker69 December 17, 2021
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