When a boy is named “Catlin”, it a momentous occasion. This name will forever be read as Caitlin, causing many to expect a female representative when they see it on a list. (He may have some feminine qualities, but they compliment his nature and give him an amusing vibe.) In a way, this innocent mistake is a metaphor for the life that a boy named Catlin is likely to experience: He will frequently be misjudged by others who go by what they see. When you understand the pronunciation of his name and when you truly understand who he is, however, your life will be treated to the most astounding of blessings that can only be defined as "Catlin".

Catlin is a shy and modest rarity. This different name symbolizes his uncommon perception on life. He sees the darkness and the cruelty of the world and, unlike most, he does not look away. His shy nature has chained him to those shadows, but he is strong enough to escape. Instead, he prefers to use that strength to push others into the sun.

Lastly, Catlin is enriching. His deep eyes are expressive and intoxicating and his touch is soft. His sense of humour may be hidden to many, but to a select few, his sharp wit is fully exposed, often laced with nerdy references. Catlin may be hurt, Catlin may get short-tempered, but Catlin is not a burden. Catlin is a cunning, worthy member of society. His smile is meek and beautiful. His presence alone has the power to improve the lives of those who will value him in return. That is his goal.
"Catlin, when I first tried to approach you, you were very distant and quiet. Now, I'm not afraid to be ridiculously silly when we're together. I thought that the joker in me died a long time ago..."

"Well, the death of a personality trait is almost never permanent. Sometimes, it takes a little dark black magic to resurrect things."

"Ha, You're so incredible! Do you think that you're responsible for that resurrection?"

"Me? A conjurer? By Sithis, never! I'm an assassin, so I do the opposite!"
by PoeTater August 05, 2012
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A small, b-e-a-utiful girl who has all boys stopping and staring. Loves all things animal related. Just awesome in general.
Look at that girl surrounded by animals who all those boys are staring at, must be a Catlin.
by whitehorse101 March 27, 2009
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