Laughing Mad Loud
Its Like Another Lol
Or Lmao
Or Lmfao
Or Rotf
-I Feel Down The Toilet Again Cause my Brother Left The Toilet Seat Up
-Omq Lml AGAIN?

-You Hate Me Dont You
-Lml Over A Cookie C'mon
by SkaterChcik444 August 16, 2008
Like my last (usually meaning like the person's last post on Instagram).
Lml and comment
by Chazzzzy August 17, 2017
Nico: "I rlly LML :D salman, dani, adrian are fucking TOP ASF"
by youngdaggerdick January 21, 2017
OMG he told me he's in love with me...ahhh LML!!!
by lizbrez January 27, 2009
LML stands for Love My Life.. The opposite of FML.. For the more positive people that enjoy there life.
( look in the mirror)

ME: I'm so beautiful!

(take another look)

by Lagoon Master December 23, 2009