1. Living person(s), who have become iconic in pop-culture; Pop-culture icons. These type of people are commonly credited for starting original art-trends, such as drawing styles; comics, songs, slang-terms, fashion-movements, and other types of art.

2. Celebrity (or Celebrities) living today.
Example 1: Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, Rick Astley, Lady Gaga and other living performers are icons & living memes because they're responsible for a lot of famous quotes, fashion-trends, & expressions people frequently see in movies and shows today.

Example 2: Chuck Norris is a living meme & pop-culture icon.
by Chad Syphrett September 13, 2010
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A person that is living who is a meme. Hence where the name comes from.
by ExpandGong December 29, 2016
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A person charged with extremely high meme potential. Everything they say and do feels like a meme. They can't help it.

A living meme is different from a memelord in that they do not participate in memeing themselves. They are the meme, not the memer. A living meme can only persist as long as they either act unaware or indifferent to their memehood. Despite this, they may exploit their memehood for personal gain. Some of the most powerful people on earth are living memes.

Being part of a meme doesn't make one a living meme. It is not sufficient to feature in just one image caption or viral video clip. Nor does success at creating memes make one a living meme. People like Rhett and Link or Neil Cicierega are not living memes. Although these people may produce memes and not participate in memeing personally, living memes are defined by their life naturally being a meme, not their capacity to make memes artistically.

If a living meme's memeworthiness derives from how pathetic they are, they are considered a lolcow.

Some living memes are only famous within specific subcultures, other living memes are entirely unknown, never realizing their potential memehood.

Classic examples of living memes are:
- DJ Khaled
- Rich Evans from RedLetterMedia
- DarkSydePhil
- Alex Jones
- Nicolas Cage
- Elon Musk

- Donald Trump
"have you seen the clip of alex jones talking about eating ass"
"lmao. just the usual. that guy is a living meme."
by farco_ March 30, 2021
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Someone who exemplifies the characteristics of a meme. A funny, stupid, frankly memeable person.
Dude Nathan from econ is a living breathing meme.
by Nicholasbaege November 15, 2017
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1. A person whose presence invokes a meme
2. A person who looks like they should be a meme
3. A MemeLord who has achieved becoming a Count Meme Lord
I thought he was funny, and then I realized he is a living meme.
by Nude Monkey June 6, 2022
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