3 definitions by Nude Monkey

1. A person whose presence invokes a meme
2. A person who looks like they should be a meme
3. A MemeLord who has achieved becoming a Count Meme Lord
I thought he was funny, and then I realized he is a living meme.
by Nude Monkey June 6, 2022
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Noun. Another way to say cat, especially Chonky cats.
Plural. Meowzers

A Memeified word for a cat that can't be forgotten.
My Meowzer is fun to pet, but your meowzers scratch too much.
by Nude Monkey June 6, 2022
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1. Someone who takes Memes way too far
2. A MemeLord with a high opinion of themselves to the point they exalt or profit from their own memes
3. Someone who is hilarious or a weird person that obsesses over memes
4. Any persons who are a living meme
5. A Meme god who has incarnated into human form but still somehow remains a meme.
I will never forget that Count Meme Lord because he wouldn't shut up about the meme of the day.
by Nude Monkey June 6, 2022
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