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The lord of all memes. This person has made the dankest of memes, better than any other.
Wow, he's such a Meme Lord
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by Pingasman70 May 21, 2016
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1. An individual who shows a strong passion for memes ; a joker.
2. One who dictates or creates memes.
3. Someone obsessed with memes.
4. An alternate term for "shitlord".
1. Josh the memelord loves to browse for his favorite memes.
2. Danny spends his mornings making memes. What a memelord.
3. A typical memelord spends 9 hours a day browsing reddit for their favorite memes.
4. Wow John starts arguments on Internet forums, what a memelord.
by TaogThgin November 03, 2014
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A person who is a master of memes.

They make or share memes all the time and they are often very funny.
Joseph Collin is a memelord.

Will Burrow is a memelord.
by MemeLord_CrEaToR June 11, 2016
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A man, woman, or thing that cause the creation of memes boosting his\her\its popularity.
Spark from Pokémon GO has ascended to the status of Memelord.
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Someone who is very familiar with memes, mostly the dank ones. Knows whats spicy and whats stale. The kid sitting in his basement listening to Skrillex and browsing IFunny while consuming pizza rolls and Mountain Dew
This kid Daniel was the memelord of our school
by LinktheDark January 13, 2017
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The title taken by manly, near perfect male specimen with masterful brains and long penises. The only way to become a Memelord is to dedicate your paltry existence to iFunny and then proclaim yourself a lord of your very own memedom.
I let him fuck me because he's a memelord.
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by TrumpisDad December 05, 2016
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A person, typically a teenager, who obsesses over internet culture and memes. Has no other hobbies besides browsing the internet. A memelord is the sort of person who would buy an overpriced T-shirt simply because it has some snarky reference or meme printed on it. In most cases, a memelord uses internet inside-jokes as a social crutch, and as a substitute to having a personality or real interests.
Have you seen those idiots wearing Guy Fawkes masks? What a bunch of dumb memelords.
by TheYeIIowDucK June 11, 2016
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