The lord of all memes. This person has made the dankest of memes, better than any other.
Wow, he's such a Meme Lord
by Pingasman70 May 3, 2016
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Someone who has a vast quantity of quality memes ready for any situation. Usually the dankest of memes. A historian and curator of memes. Known to understand all levels of memes. A legendary hero who walks amongst the mere mortals of Earth.
Shyam is a Meme Lord and we are mere derps in his presence.
by SomeSortaExpert June 27, 2020
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One who has sanctioned off themselves to be the dankest of all. These people have many experiences dealing with both the dead warriors of memes and ones that are surely alive. They have multiple titles and names. It is like Mythology where they would be the same god but with multiple names.
“Wow look at Meme Lord Autismo.”
“Um... I’m pretty sure it’s God of Memes, Ironus.”
by MemeLordAutismo April 23, 2018
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Someone who is just a mean lean meme machine, they live and breathe memes. Ex: Presley Milton (Creator of"It was just an add!!!)
Mikey: That guy just posted 25 memes in an hour!
Sean: He's a freaking meme lord.
by memelord696969 November 29, 2016
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What we all aspire to be
"I wasn't going to suck Kyle's dick until he showed me his dank meme page. He is a certified Meme Lord."
by Fancy Colt September 26, 2017
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The keeper of the dankest memes around. A position given to you from the rank above, which is the Meme God aka Ronald Weasley from the Wingardium Leviosa video. The Meme Lord is 100% retarded btw.
Helloooooo....I'm the Meme Lorddd....I hold the dankest meeeeemesss
by Donny Biggums August 16, 2016
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Someone who knows everything about a griefer or troll's plans, and can ride the Nyan Cat as his/her 'noble steed'.
This meme lord will destroy you, if you're a griefer.
by Kye Definition Ryan March 20, 2016
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