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A person charged with extremely high meme potential. Everything they say and do feels like a meme. They can't help it.

A living meme is different from a memelord in that they do not participate in memeing themselves. They are the meme, not the memer. A living meme can only persist as long as they either act unaware or indifferent to their memehood. Despite this, they may exploit their memehood for personal gain. Some of the most powerful people on earth are living memes.

Being part of a meme doesn't make one a living meme. It is not sufficient to feature in just one image caption or viral video clip. Nor does success at creating memes make one a living meme. People like Rhett and Link or Neil Cicierega are not living memes. Although these people may produce memes and not participate in memeing personally, living memes are defined by their life naturally being a meme, not their capacity to make memes artistically.

If a living meme's memeworthiness derives from how pathetic they are, they are considered a lolcow.

Some living memes are only famous within specific subcultures, other living memes are entirely unknown, never realizing their potential memehood.

Classic examples of living memes are:
- DJ Khaled
- Rich Evans from RedLetterMedia
- DarkSydePhil
- Alex Jones
- Nicolas Cage
- Elon Musk

- Donald Trump
"have you seen the clip of alex jones talking about eating ass"
"lmao. just the usual. that guy is a living meme."
by farco_ March 30, 2021
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Schrödinger's Thot is a female internet celebrity that's only famous because of her looks, but also really ugly and you're totally not attracted to her. They're in a quantum superposition between hot and not.
Chatter: "xddd you think people relly care about ur opinions??? men are only here bcuz they want to f*** u"
Schrödinger's Thot: "That's nice. So you think I'm attractive?"
Chatter: "wtff no ....ur ugly as fuck no one wants u"
Schrödinger's Thot: "So people *are* here to hear my opinions..."
Chatter: "no they jus want to f*** u"
by farco_ June 3, 2021
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(verb) To morsel someone is to travel back in time to the day before the day they were conceived, to seduce their father, and to give him a wet sloppy blowjob, making sure to swallow all the yummie cummie into your tummie.

Hence you prevent the person from ever being born and reduce their entire existence to a mere morsel.
"I shall first morsel your children and then as you see them fade out of existence I shall morsel you."
by farco_ April 21, 2023
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The lower class of the internet. They give all memes their value, but are kept in perpetual poverty by the shitposters under a system called crapitalism.
Lurking class person: "wtf all memes on this page are shit what's going on?"
Educated meme-Marxist: "You see, poor lurking class fellow, you are being exploited by the crapitalist system. Break free from your chains and we can build a world with quality memes for all!"
by farco_ June 27, 2021
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Someone who posts messages that exhibit symptoms of psychosis. Portmanteau of schizophrenia and poster.

Schizoposting may be a result of genuine mental health issues, be done ironically as a form of absurdist shitposting, or be an attempt to troll or disturb readers.

Schizoposting may involve:
- Rambling with no apparent regard for whether readers can follow.
- Responding to random content as if it were personally addressed at yourself.
- Alleging content you're responding to contains things it doesn't.
- Wild conspiracy theories or supernatural claims.
- Poor form, grammar and spelling, as if written down in an extreme hurry.
- An abundance of trailing characters.
- Continuing to post for unhealthy lengths of time regardless of being ignored.
- Inappropriately intense emotions, often anger, arrogance or indignation.
- Assuming familiarity with strangers.
- Responding to yourself as if you were another person, sometimes repeatedly.
"There's this dude who has been messaging me for months now acting as if everything I post is directed at him."
"Damn schizoposters man. Depressing as fuck."
by farco_ January 20, 2022
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FrankerFaceZ Twitch emote of the Spanish comedian Risitas (who is already naturally very Turkish-looking) with a little fez hat to suggest he's Turkish.

Used when a Turkish person would be very enthusiastic. Like when their favorite Byzantine capital gets conquered.
"1453 best year of my life KEKebab Clap"
by farco_ June 3, 2021
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Past sense of twink. Someone who used to be a twink, still has the body type of a twink, but is now too old to be a twink. A retired twink.
"Look at that twink."
"Dude he's like 35. That's a twought."
by farco_ October 11, 2022
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