If Cat is Too Little To Mate. She’ll Go To Vets And Get Her Surgery And Remember This To Go Home.
Susan L Wade: “Midnight! You’re Too Little To Have Kittens! You’re A Kitten! Go to The Vets Right Now!” *takes Midnight to the vet*
by MayDayMeh June 19, 2018
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Someone who is into acting like a child usually in a sexual way but it isn't always
Hay, Uzi is a little!
Oh nice
by AlaskinPipeliner November 30, 2020
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Your little b*tch *to use either by short or cuss word*
John:You little b*tch
Me: -_-
Also me that wants to call him little and beat him up
My brain wanting to a little bit:
via giphy
by Will.Afton_ February 06, 2021
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A nickname given to a younger female in a relationship that usually tends to be shorter & most likely petite in stature; But act's just like their male counterpart in the relationship. Like a Mini-Me scenario ;)
Used as a Nickname like "Hey Littles' come here a second." "Or Littles' you see that?"
by K'Pop713 January 01, 2021
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The one a mafia leader choses to claim as theirs
Guy 1: brooo she hot as fuck man imma ask her out
Guy 2: nah man dont. You might as well make a death wish
Guy 1: shes the little of jackson
Guy 2: what??
Guy 3: bro shes the one jackson the mafia leader has chosen as his
by hes_only_mine November 28, 2020
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