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An online forum originally created for urban, African Americans to gossip about celebrities, vent about politics, or swap conspiracy theories. Early on, the forum leaned toward African American females. But quickly was taken over by black males and their extreme views. The platform is heavy with posters passing themselves off as other races and genders in order to insult specific groups without altering suspicion.
The influence of The Angry Black Male on the forum has lead to it's decline, as any criticism of black male individuals or groups.....or groups black males value (ie light skinned and NON-black females and political organizations catering to black males) leads to a barrage of insults, Harassment , and false flagging. Even discussing a black celebrity divorce devolves into chaos at times. Making the forum a closed loop.
*"Man! I'm bout to go OFF on dese hoes!"
Response:" You better take it to Lipstick Alley, homes. I don't wanna hear it!
by Tru 2 August 23, 2019
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A place for ugly, broke, overweight women to hate on other women they perceive as threats (usually light skin black or white women) to make their miserable lives a little better.
girl 1: "that girl is always hating on other girls who are prettier than her, why?"
girl 2: "she must be a lipstick alley font"
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by thetruth766 December 23, 2018
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A site on news, sports, celebrity gossip from an African American and other minorities perspective. Topics about race, family, dating, travel, education, and etc are discuss. People will give their own individual opinion on topics.
Lipstick alley isn't for racist,ashy larrys, snowflakes, thin skinned and others who can't accept other opinions.
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by realmofo70 February 21, 2019
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