Expose someone's true identity, usually a name or address. It's one of the scummiest things someone can do on the internet
-Bladewing10 @ Reddit
Someone called the police local to the doxx-ee pretending to be him, and claimed he killed his girlfriend and had a bomb.
-drislands @ Reddit
by DrPurse November 19, 2013
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Shortened form of doxxing. The actual word is meant to expose a person's identity. Sharing their name, address, phone number etc and usually with malicious and hurtful intent. However, within the kpop community people have turned the word into simply revealing any part of yourself, which is misleading and inaccurate. They consider a doxx to be someone knowing your first name, a picture of your face or the most ridiculous one, a picture of your hand.
User Jesse posts a picture of the new Red Velvet album she got. Jesse's finger can be seen in the picture.

User Fred say: "Omo, hand doxx."
by cmiycot9 February 12, 2018
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doxxing is when someone posts someones personal info for example home address,school address,last name,credit card info and private pictures of family members. doxxing mostly happens on discord some doxxers use links to fool ppl into clicking them when the link is clicked on your address and all of ur personal info will be theirs there are also bots on discord that use scam links that can also get ur personal info and everything. doxxing is a horrible thing but can sometimes be used for good one time someone gave a pedophiles address to an anti pedophile group and they pulled up with 30 mobs. doxxing can be used for good but sadly its mostly used for evil
1. yo whats doxxing?

2. its where a person leaks someone elses info

1. *leaks 2s info*

2. FUC-
by shing shing shing SHING June 16, 2022
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Doxx is in fact just dox which mean Document-Of-X. Where 'x' mean any person, company or anything that could be Doxable. In the practice Dox someone is, but not only gettin' her/his address, phone num, family, social networks, etc is as much as you can add data to make bigger the target/profile, and that obviously include the passwords from accounts, tastes and hobbies. For example to get someone who is under a fake identity or profile the real identity whith the home address and call swat reporting in this place is being commiting a bad crime is called -Dox'n'Swat- someone. Doxing could be an essencial part of post-explotation, reconnaissance, or even privilege scalation, among other items, in hacking.
He were trolling my youtube channel under four diferent fake profiles, so I revenge... I DOXx -ed him and I report his insults calling to his family members that I found on his facebook.
by G*G*G January 11, 2019
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Showing up to an address that doesn't exist without malicious intent
I anti-doxxed houses that are fake
by Autism kid that just found out February 24, 2021
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Being A complete Asswipe And exposing someone’s address Or personal info Like Wi-Fi and stuff
Peter: I lost a argument with John so now i’m gonna Doxx Him
by Internet And Stuff May 28, 2023
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Another, "cooler", way of asking for an address
Hey can you drop the doxx to jesse's house, he forgot to give it to me
by TheNightParade June 17, 2023
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