To have a; To be sulking.
Hey Uncle, Dad had a right lip on because he didn't go shooting.
by The real Giz August 10, 2019
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A nickname for the inner and outer labia, the fleshy folds that protect a woman's clitoris and vagina.
I could see her lips through her panties.
by KittyGalore July 29, 2004
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To kiss or make out with someone.
Adam: Jay, you alright, you know.
Bailey: You two should just fucking lips by now.
Jay: Nah shut up man, he didn’t mean it that way, you dickhead.
by SlangForDays February 17, 2021
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To use ones lips on another persons lips whom you loke. In order to express the loke one has. Its often done in a exclusive way.
" I lipped that girl I like the other day .. She be lipping amazing and told me I sucked"
by OldDumby January 1, 2019
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