1. To sparkle and shine like God's own glitterball (adj)
2. To spin in a rushing haze of euphoria (v)
3. A person with outstanding charisma and wit.
1. He's wearing so much glitter, could he BE any more linton?
2. Wow I was at the rave and I was proper lintoned.
3. Tall, Dark, Handsome, a real linton.
by MeatyLinda October 7, 2010
- linton is a cool all round going guy.
- sooper nice.
- so sexy.
- really funny and can seduce people like a greek god.
- gets chicks.
- likes to experiment.
- people wish and dream about him.
wish i was linton
by elephant123456smaller July 6, 2011
A fruit who has a best friend that starts with letter A and is also a fruit and laughs like a maniac who escaped the psych ward and obsess over every man he sees
by madhadder21 March 15, 2022
Any person who is insane or obsessed with hitler.
Watch out for that linton kid, he might try to eat you alive.
by Patrick4444 December 4, 2006
To borrow something and never give it back.
Mr. Garner asked to borrow my Boondocks DVD's and my 2 PSP's. It's been a year and I still haven't gotten any of them back. I hate it when he's lintoning.
by DaBoobah April 10, 2010
The act of making a quick restroom break to relieve bladder pressure, usually immediately prior to leaving for a group lunch.

Also see: Pull a big linton, Pull a full linton
Hey guys, I'm going to pull a linton real quick, I'll meet you in the parking structure.
by Crunky42 June 21, 2010
v. Any 2-5 minute holdup when leaving for lunch, usually it is using the bathroom but it can be anything.
Steve: Lets go. Hey wait, where's Mike?
Anjali: He had to Pull a Linton.
Steve: What?!? I just saw him in the bathroom 15 minutes ago. Does he have an enlarged prostate?
Anjali: No, he's just hitting the ATM for 40 bucks.
Steve: OK, cool. He's probably tapped out from making it rain last night.
by ILuv5318008 July 1, 2010