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The sarcastic, hilarious, smoking hot female lead of the Storm and Silence series. She can pull off looking like a guy and can fool everyone. She's such a badass queen and will leave you questioning your sexuality. She also loves chocolate, is thicc, and has a pair of socks in her pants. Lilly's also the richest dude's "little Ifrit" and private secretary hehehe.
Be careful of Lilly Linton's revolver! She can easily blow your brains out!
by raynaaaa June 4, 2021
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The male lead from the Storm and Silence series and literally the hottest guy ever. He's your sexy morally grey character with dark hair. sea-green eyes that can freeze you, a killer jawline, and a traumatic past. Also, he's six foot six and barely talks. Let's not forget the fact that he's the richest (and stingiest), coldest dude ever with no weaknesses except one: Lilly Linton.
Rikkard Ambrose wears a ten-year-old tailcoat that is still in mint condition! *swoons*
by raynaaaa June 8, 2021
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