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Linting is when you really want to talk to someone ( especially someone you like) but you feel too clingy and uncomfortable. This often happens when you feel like you always start the conversation while texting. When linting you might feel sad because you feel like the person you’re trying to talk to or text is getting annoyed with you or doesn’t really like you when deep inside you know it’s just you, but then you get to thinking that it might not be just you. A lot of times this can be mistaken for overthinking.
Girl 1: I really wanna text him but I’m scared I’m annoying him
Girl 2: Nah you’re not you’re just linting
by @mehoe June 04, 2019
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when you hook with a fat girl and you try and find the vagina but all you can find is the belly button so you finger that and it cleans out the lint in her belly button.
I was so drunk that one nite on spring break i was linting that bitch
by Spring Breaker 2011 March 19, 2011
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