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when you eat so much, that your stomach looks pregnant
Jeez! I ate so much, I look like I am having a food baby!
by Meadow Soprano September 25, 2005

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a man or woman used as a cover for a gay partner
poor Jenny, she has no idea that she's been Allen's beard for the past 5 years
by Meadow Soprano September 23, 2005

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spying on people online, while you remain invisible
Even though he claims to be "In a MUCH better place",J spends his days lurking online, to see who is talking to who
by Meadow Soprano September 23, 2005

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When someone is thin and looks great in clothes, but is all flabby underneath
Some people have great figures, but in a bathing suit they are a mess- all skinny-fat- like Miss Paris, who loves to show off her flabby ass for some reason
by Meadow Soprano November 08, 2005

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when you point out actions in someone else, that really are the things that YOU do
J loves to blame others for lying, or being an "enigman" of sorts, when it is really all of his own insecurities and faults that he is projecting
by Meadow Soprano September 23, 2005

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someone who thinks something is owed to them by life in general; or because they are who they are
I had a friend who would never work on her birthday, and throw hissy fits when things didn't go her way- what a brat- had a huge sense of entitlement
by Meadow Soprano October 22, 2005

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a "place" where people claim to be when they have left emotional baggage behind; whether this is true or not is only shown by their behavior
After years of therapy and reading self help books, he claimed that he was in A Better Place, but his actions showed that this was not the case
by Meadow Soprano October 02, 2005

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