40 definitions by Meadow Soprano

when someone just keeps running in circles (and making the same mistakes) in their life, instead of progressing
I thought when you "moved on" , everything would change....but I can see you are still on the hamster wheel-NOTHING has.
by Meadow Soprano November 17, 2005
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Someone who gets drunk and has sex with many people.....often
Tara Reid and Paris Hilton are perfect examples of someone who is an alcowhoric
by Meadow Soprano October 9, 2005
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spying on people online, while you remain invisible
Even though he claims to be "In a MUCH better place",J spends his days lurking online, to see who is talking to who
by Meadow Soprano September 23, 2005
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when someone fucks up everything they have with someone who's body (esp. the nether regions) they are obsessed with
J.D. had the best of both worlds for a while....but he chose to trip the light fantasstic- now he needs to live with his decision
by Meadow Soprano October 25, 2005
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people who are ugly, yet have attitude that they are hot.
Rumer Willis is smugly- the girl thinks she is the hottest thing to walk the planet!
by Meadow Soprano August 1, 2008
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When a person manages to stay angry throughout their life- no matter which direction it is taking
No matter how her life is going, she is always pissed off! She's a case of anger management, if I've ever heard one.....
by Meadow Soprano November 17, 2005
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1.when someone pretends they are a few clothing sizes smaller than they are (i.e. Mariah Carey)

2. when a man thinks his cock is much larger (or smaller) than it actually is
Mariah swears she wears a size 6...her assistants replace size 12 tags with 6's to accomodate her delusional sizing

Some guys love to flash their cocks because they think it is bigger than it actually is...when people laugh, they may realize it's a case of delusional sizing
by Meadow Soprano November 15, 2005
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