40 definitions by Meadow Soprano

when someone deludes themselves about the effect they have on people for so long, that they believe it
Jeff is convinced that all his exes will never get over him and are miserable- but that is only his altered ego talking-if he knew they were all happier without him, he'd be crushed
by Meadow Soprano October 28, 2005
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When a person manages to stay angry throughout their life- no matter which direction it is taking
No matter how her life is going, she is always pissed off! She's a case of anger management, if I've ever heard one.....
by Meadow Soprano November 17, 2005
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using lies to manipulate people in your life, just to get what you want
Allen wanted everyone to feel sorry for him when his best friends and lover cut him out of their lives, but they were sick of his lynipulation, and his need to control
by Meadow Soprano September 2, 2005
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After years of a love/hate relationship with her boyfriend, she was convinced that no one else would ever love her....his abuse turned her to lint
by Meadow Soprano September 3, 2005
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spying on people online, while you remain invisible
Even though he claims to be "In a MUCH better place",J spends his days lurking online, to see who is talking to who
by Meadow Soprano September 23, 2005
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when you post a word on UD, but then change your mind and would like to remove it
After I submitted one or two words, I suffered from poster's remorse- now I'd like to remove them and I don't know how
by Meadow Soprano November 9, 2005
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when you point out actions in someone else, that really are the things that YOU do
J loves to blame others for lying, or being an "enigman" of sorts, when it is really all of his own insecurities and faults that he is projecting
by Meadow Soprano September 23, 2005
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