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Easy,Simple; Without breaking a sweat.
1. Jayson: Yo you gonna go bag that shorty over there?
Jeff: Man that's Light Work
2. Yo that test we had today on physics was Light Work.
3. Jeff: Yo can you make a shot from halfcourt?
Jayson: Bro that's light work *swish*
by Kingkrunkda3rd April 06, 2008
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meaning something is “easy” or someone is “easy” (usually pronounced as ligh wor). its believed to make you sound “cool” or “trendy”.
how did you lose?! the game is so lightwork!
by lol hoe June 07, 2018
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someone weak. a waste of time to fight or battle.
some diesel big niggaz and some boney geeky fags. the boney geeky fags would be your light work. "let me go kill time and handle this light work first. Then ill deal with the hard shit.
by Anonymous January 18, 2003
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to be wack
to be little
something said to you when you get owned in something, like sports
1.yall niggas is lightwork.
2.Ahh, lightwork!!!!!!!
by da mess February 20, 2006
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