A sexual term meaning to help your partner or partner's penis back into the girl.
Me and my buddy were bagging this girl together. He slipped out so I gave him a lift up since he was under her.
by Bigcountry2212 May 4, 2018
When you and your buddy are smashing the same girl, your buddy slips out accidently so you reach over and lift up his dick to help him continue.
Thanks Dad for the Lift-Up!!!
by Bigcountry2212 March 1, 2018
A sex position when you left a girl up and destroy her.
Im about to lift up instantly
by Slutty white girl March 20, 2017
I'm so tired of the man "holding it down", when what the people need is to "lift it up".
by Easy_Dave June 20, 2016
Words of wisdom that up-lift your spirit.
"Pastor McCoy gave some powerful up-liftings in his sermon on today! My spriits feel all enriched!"
by Ajay_BigBlue August 14, 2009
When you're at your local joust and you want to root for the horse with the biggest dick, but you can't tell which one is biggest because the horses have those decorative cloak/skirt things on; this is what you yell
You: Man I want the horse with the biggest dick to win this joust
Friend: But we can't see their dicks! They covered them up with those horse skirts!
You: You're right, this is unacceptable. Lift up the horse skirt, give us a peek!
by Spike The Dragon September 25, 2018