When somebody either gives you information or advice you don't care for, or you are somehow wronged due to peculiar circumstances, you say "Thanks Dad".
When someone says: "You shouldn't put granola bars in the toaster" and removes them, you say "Thanks Dad"

A stray frisbee from a nearby game strikes you. You state "Thanks Dad" to nobody in particular.
by Ivan Fish September 9, 2008
Using some form of payment that is in your parents name (credit card, cash, etc) to purchase items you don't need, but want.
Oh man, I really needed this new computer to play video games on, Thanks Dad!
by WrathRE February 3, 2011
term used to describe a son or daughter who hit life's lottery by being spawned by a rich/successful and generous father
Paul's ascendance to the CEO position of his father's company made it official....he was a "thank you dad" kid.
by sheila in the car June 13, 2010