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Words of wisdom that up-lift your spirit.
"Pastor McCoy gave some powerful up-liftings in his sermon on today! My spriits feel all enriched!"
by Ajay_BigBlue August 14, 2009

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The name for the big, furry mustache some guys grow that reminds you of a child molester, or "Chester".
"Dude, you seriously need to shave of that chester stache....... People will start to think you drive a big, white van and abduct small children......."
by AJay_BigBlue August 14, 2009

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Talking about really random things, but making it sound spiritual and/or philosophical created by students of the Cleveland School for the Arts in Cleveland, OH.
Neek: "Girl drop some boomkats on me. I need some up-liftings in my life."

Chandra: "Ok, boo. I got you......

'When you drive into that dark tunnel and you see that red light at the top, you get that good feeling in yo soul that makes the sun come.....but if that moon shows up, pull the shades down because the devil is at work and he will take you prisoner. Only God can take them chains off your wrists and set you free so you can sail another day........so when you hit those churnin' waters, just look up to the sky and wait for that light to turn green and move on without lookin' back.'

How 'bout them boomkats?"

Neek: "Girl, them was some GOOD boomkats! I feel them up-liftings in my spirit!"
by AJay_BigBlue August 14, 2009

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Takes place when you feel the spirit of the lord go through and overwhelm you into tears and/or til you start shouting.
"I feel the spirit! I'm going in!"
by AJay_BigBlue August 14, 2009

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