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You know the guy you look up to in life? He’s basic him but with lots more Slav much more hardbass and lots adidas
Life of boris blyat
by meme_mastah November 03, 2018
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The most slav youtuber in history. He will induce you with his slavness and make you forever gopnik.
Guy 1: You ever heard of this guy named Boris?
Guy 2: No...
by PseudonymThatIsNotUsedBySomeon November 02, 2018
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Life of Boris is YouTube channel from Tallin, Estonia. In 3rd April 2019, channel have 2.181.400 subscribers, but number of them is increases all time. Channel is held by guy called Boris who uploaded his first video on his birthday, 4.may of 2015. Name of that video is "Cab driver Boris: THE CHEEKI BREEKI BEGINS - A slav montage". Not so much things are knowed about owner of channel since in every his video he wears balaclava and doesn't talk much about his private informations. His name is Boris, he was born in 4.may (year unknown, maybe 1989 or younger). In videos he speaks English and use strong Russian accent and since few times he talked on Russian very well it's possible that Russian language is his native and that he is from Russia. Some sources said that he is maybe born in Bulgaria from Moldavian or Russian parents but that is not confirmed. Most known thing is that he live in Estonia now. Except main channel, there is another one speacialy made for uploading videos of playing Slavic games, called GopnikGaming. Boris is also owner of web store where he sells hoodies , t-shirst, ushankas and other things with motives of Slavic life and his channel. Life of Boris channel also can be followed on Instagram (@the_life_of_boris), Twitter (@life_of_boris) and many other social networks. Also you can easily contact him via e-mail address squatsuperstar at gmail dot com .
Welcome to the official Life of Boris YouTube channel! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of Gaming, Cooking, Reviews, Animation and Tutorials content, including Slav games, GTA gameplay, Live gaming, On a Budget recipes, Slav cooking, How to Make guides, Country Reviews, Car Reviews and animated content. -official description of channel on YouTube.
by Analitičar April 03, 2019
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The Shashlik and squatting king. If you need something to look to in life, have no hope for human kind anymore, go watch life of boris. His calming Russian accent will make you feel inner peace for the rest of your life. Has the digestion system of a Russian bear that lived in the woods and killed more that 30 people in the woods for the past 30 years. Drinks vodka and kvass on a daily basis.
Man with crippling depression: I want to kill myself.
Life of Boris YouTube channel: Do not fear BORIS is here!"
by Not a kpop fan. February 24, 2021
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a youtube channel based mostly around vlogs and gaming, the channel is mostly known for the fact that the owner of the channel tries to mimic slavic pop-culture, like drunk russians doing dumb things and such. a common misunderstanding is that Boris, the owner of the channel is thought to be slavic while he is actually not, hes more of a joke to the people of actual slavic ethnicity and more of a king to the Slavaboos.
Guy 1: Hey dude, do you watch Life of Boris?

Guy 2: You mean that phoney that every Slavaboo worships?
by MrMikeX October 16, 2020
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