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Urban Dictionary is a site where anybody can just add in anything they want with any description that they want. so it's basically youtube
by meme_mastah September 3, 2018
a bitch who spends his entire life in his mom's basement with their arms up their ass
by meme_mastah May 9, 2019
FaZe is a gaming group who play in Major League Gaming
oh look FaZe is MLG
by meme_mastah September 3, 2018
You know the guy you look up to in life? He’s basic him but with lots more Slav much more hardbass and lots adidas
Life of boris blyat
by meme_mastah November 3, 2018
wait did you really search why am i on Urban Dictionary? your on Urban Dictionary because you just like to see cr*p like this published so you can get a cheap laugh out of it you selfish jackass who sits on his or her ass all day watching people slave away on Urban Dictionay just to get a simple career in comedy so stop crushing their dreams!
by meme_mastah September 3, 2018