A person that has great power and reigns all over the post-soviet countries. Might be much more handsome than Mr. Putin. The only genre of music that he listens to is slavic hardbass. He is also known as a "Boris"
He is a real Slav king, I bet you! He'il nuke you
The Slav King is the only king of the slavic countries
Who am I to interrupt his majesty Slav King?
When I listen to slavic hardbass I feel like a Slav King
by UberSurale April 21, 2021
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a gopnik who's dominance outweighs the other gopnik's. this can be established by how long they can squat, how much kompot they can drink or how much semechki they can eat.
that gopnik is a slav king
by kvassmaster November 29, 2017
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