Retarded liberal. Who can not give a valid argument for anything.
Libtard: “Abortion is NOT murder, it’s just a bunch of cells.”

Republican: “94% of scientists say life begins at conception”

Libtard: “pfft yea whatever it’s still just a bunch of cells”

Republican: “you can hear a baby’s heartbeat in the mother’s womb at 5 weeks which is before the first trimester is up, and in 2018 92.2% of abortions happened during the 1st trimester”

Libtard: “it’s still just a clump of cells get over it” *walks away*

Republican to friend: “what a libtard, couldn’t even give a valid argument”
by Andrewisadumbhoe January 04, 2021
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Libtard is an amalgamation og Liberal and Retard. It speaks for it self
Ben Shapiro is destroying Libtards from left to right
by VladimirPlatinium November 22, 2018
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The word "Libtard" is commonly misused and misunderstood. Many conservative/republicans will use the term "libtard" to describe all liberals/democrats, but that is not correct.

A libtard is democrat/liberal/leftist who is STUPID. Keep in mind here that a preferred political ideology is NOT what makes someone a "libtard"- rather it is their IQ (or in this case, the lacking of IQ).

A libtard is often a hypocrite to their own opinions, but they get all pissy when called out on their bullshit.
I saw Jeff at that party with no mask on! - all he does on social media is bitch about how we should wear masks!

What a fucking libtard!
via giphy
by bich boi March 22, 2021
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(noun) A combination of Liberal and retard commonly used to describe a liberal who doesn’t know what they’re talking about, or don’t have all the facts.
“I just saw a post about a democratswitching’ to republican because they’re afraid of a tax increase. Fucking libtard.”
by Aros22 November 08, 2020
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A libtard is a liberal who fights for their side no matter what thru good or bad, they hate all Republicans and anything they do they are far leftists.
That guy just took my maga hat, "oh he's just a libtard"
by Legacy962 January 02, 2021
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