an annoying ass person. always sad and never has energy to do anything. questions why she even has friends cause why would people like her? has anxiety and depression. never fucking opens up.
person A: hey do you know that girl lia?
person B: that annoying ass bitch? yeah I hate her
by obviously lia August 17, 2020
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a self centered, lowkey kinda fat👺, dumb bitch that can't figure out skincare. she thinks she can dance- which she can't. she laughs like she's a dying rhino, when she attempts makeup she ends up putting peanut butter on her face
Omg did you see Lia attempting to twerk yesterday? Ew
by asdfghjklsksksksk October 22, 2019
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short Indian girl who plays with chalk in her free time
Guy 1- OMG close ur eyes, its a lia!!!!
by raj raj June 04, 2019
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She's a hoe, she likes different dudes, and she sucks major dicks everyday and night time
P1:Yooo Lia sucked my dick last night

P2: That shit was wack?
P1: Yep, imma have to get my sister to beat her ass for waisting my time
by SAXKEATER May 08, 2017
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A girl who is somewhat depressed and has been rejected. Most Lia’s are brunette, and choose their friends wisely. Lia’s are really good singers and are 287382782827293882x more attractive than the rest. Lia’s are very smart and cute, and extremely loyal kind and generous but if you ever do a Lia wrong u might want to duck!! If you have a crush/gf named Lia that likes you back you should be glad!
Boy 1: Bro! check her out she’s so hot
boy2: didn’t you hear? she has a bf
boy1: wait really? well whoever is dating her better treat her right


boy: hey does anyone have a dollar I could borrow?

Lia: Yeah I have one
boy: thanks Lia! i’ll be sure to pay u back tomorrow
Lia: no, it’s okay you don’t have to


Girl1: Ughhh Lia gets all the guys and she’s only been in this school for a week!! I wish I could just kill her!!
Girl2: I know right!?
Girl3: Hey Lia! I heard those two girls talking sh!t abt u
Lia: HEY!! U two!! all this is none of your business get lost and don’t talk dirty about ANYONE!
by Lil’ names April 15, 2020
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A big ol hoe, and tries to date alllll the guys! Usually a red headed skank!!
Boy 1: Who look at Lia!!

Boy 2: I heard she blows the whole football team

Football player: yes she does great ;)
by The guy who know$ alot August 29, 2019
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is a weakshit that’s scared of anything
omg why are you such a Lia u can’t stand a fight
by dontbeshyputsomemore March 16, 2020
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