A dumb female that fucks anything that moves.
Usually causes rage amongst other females which concludes with a term in the hospital for said "stupid slut".
Janelle is such a stupid slut! Let's go beat her ass!
by Kalein April 10, 2006
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A girl who is in high school or college who fucks every guy she sees to get answers for her tests because she's so stupid that she doesn't have a brain.
Man, Erin Mulcahy is a stupid slut
by Vampira Andres November 16, 2018
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A person who has an extremely high capability of being a slut, while being stupid at the same time. Also known as a gufeyguber or anyone who goes by any variations of the name "Goo", "Gu", or "Gooey". Usually, a stupid slut also likes to wear mismatched socks and blue shoes, and a stupid slutty yellow baseball cap. They are also from the stupid slutty city of St. Louis, which is filled with stupid sluts, all of whom are inferior to he-who-may-not-be-named.
"What did David get on the chem test?"
"Wow! David is such a stupid slut!"
by anonymous9494949494 October 8, 2012
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That common "slut" (or whore) that will break the girl code and go off limits by dating your once lover. Even if you claim to be "Over that doushe bag" its still never recommended to date a girl's ex, if you do, prepare to be bitch slaped.
Cara: What the fuck?! Look at that home wrecker of a stupid slut that dates my ex boyfriend! What the hell does she think she's doing with him?

Bridget: I don't know... but let's beat the shit out of her till she breaks up with him. :)
by heartloves_you June 11, 2009
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