Not all Lia's are nice, I know a Lia who sucks! The Lia's that suck stab you in the back, talk shit 'bout you and your friends and lie's about most stuff. The bad Lia might look nice, but she's actually evil in the inside. I don't know anything about the nice Lia's, but I'd really like to meet a nice Lia.
Friend: Hey, did you hear about the new kid?
Me: Yeah
Friend: She's really nice. You should meet her!
Me: ok
Friend: *introduces me to her*
Lia: It's nice to meet you, my name's Lia
Me: Nice to meet you too
Friend: *walks away feeling happy about introducing a friend to another friend*
Lia: *also walks away giving me the finger*
Me: ...that son of a-
by I'm_a_weird_pErSoN December 23, 2019
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a stupid bitch sandal lookin ass fatass hoe who cries herself to sleep every night
person 1: bruh look it’s that fatass bitch lia
person 2: yah i heard she cried herself to sleep last night lmao
person 1: lmao what a loser
by brjh April 21, 2020
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A total hoe that broke A guys heart and wants to be his best friend now.
Lia is hoe
by Ery is a bitch July 26, 2020
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lia is a girl that is currently beside me, we are sitting beside each other. she is cute and cute and cute ayy slay queen muchacha 😜💅🏼😹🤪🥺🥺🥺
omg lia got a phatty high key !!
by daniellayourmom May 29, 2021
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A girl who is very hot and cares a lot about other people. Sometimes she can get jealous, but she is beautiful and you will never want to let her go
Boy: mannn she thiCc
Her boy friend: i know right shes a great kisser and i love her
Lia: sup boy, we still going tgi fridays
Her boyfriend: ye sure babe
by Ayyyyyaaayyyyy November 25, 2019
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A smart, funny, beautiful girl with a lot to offer! Lia’s normally have a gay bestie who always sticks by her side. Lia isn’t normally the most popular girl but is a cute and funny girl most people want to be friends with, she is good at giving advise. In relationships lia is normally very flirty and cheeky girl, Lia’s normally have amazing relationships with boys with the names: George, jack, Alfie, Theo, max and Leo. Lia is an amazing supportive friend who ALWAYS has your back and try’s to make you feel as self confident as possible. Lia’s normally have a bit o’ money in the good old bank account but doesn’t mind showin it off!
Ooo Lia is lookin’ lush today
I really want to be Lia’s friend
Lia is an amazing kisser
via giphy
by R4iannon June 19, 2019
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Lia is the most caring, loyal, honest, funnest girl you’ve ever met. Lia is an AMAZING person and an amazing girlfriend.
She also has a amazing body. Usually her favorite color is purple. She has big tits and a nice ass. She rarely fights but is very strong.
If you ever see a lia, don’t make her upset.
by sssniperwolf 💜 January 06, 2021
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