An annoying, rude brat who spends her time making up problems to get attention from others and then complains when she has no friends. Her body is mainly okay but her clothes and sense of fashion are disgusting. She likes a boy named Lucas.
"Oh my god, she's such a rude person"
"Oh she must be a Lia."
"Hey guys I'm Lia."
"Called it!"
by #THETRUTHREAPER June 30, 2018
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Lias is the best person ever, he is a beautiful person. Lias love girls and girls love him. He has so many friends. He is the fucking future bitches. Don't fuck with him wen i see.
Amanda: Look there's the new student... he is so hot.
Elisabeth: Hes name is Lias and look hes face it's so sexy!
Amanda: I'm gonna ask him if he want to go to bowling!
Elisabeth: No! It's my boyfriend.
by Zuupie March 20, 2020
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Lia is a very sexy outgoing person. She is super pretty that once you get a look at her you can’t seem to look back away. She might not be that open to you once you get to know her at first but later she just lights up any party. Lias are usually brunettes with beautiful brown eyes. They don’t get jealous much cause they learn to value themselves farther in life. Lias also have many hobbies that they use farther in life. They might not know for sure who they want to become in the beginning but it all comes out at the end. If you find a Lia then it’s your lucky jackpot day! DONT loose her you will need her farther in life whether she’s just your girlfriend or just a friend.
Guy 1: hey did your see Lia at yesterday’s party in that swimsuit ?

Guy 2: yeah actually me and her are kind of a think now she’s so pretty and nice.

Guy 1: you’re a lucky man don’t let her go.
by ArianaGrandePositions March 05, 2021
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she like the same guy as khailea she like khaileas bf and shes weird and cant take a picture in art, ps her and corban
lia is weird
by October 07, 2020
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A small annoying child that comes from china/japan/hongkong etc one way to tell if a girl is called lia is to look on her head bc if look close enough u might just spot the mushroom that’s bigger than her head.
girl 1: oh you see that new girl, i wonder what her name is
girl 2: (looks at new girls head) oh she has a mushroom sticking out of her , aw she must be a lia !
by mummymushroom August 23, 2018
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Lia is a sweat person who is really kind and carrying she may get mad, annoyed fast and yell at you but she feels guilt inside. She feel's pain inside and she cries with you when you start to cry. She always cares and thinks about you she often gets mad but never hates you forever she makes people smile more often and is glad to be her self she is kinda thick but she doesnt think or talk dirty she hates hornie people also at first she looks shy and just hides but when she gets to know you and you get to know her its really fun and she always will be by your side trust me with what I say and I know all of this because my name is Lia too and I expiriensed everything I said. Trust me.
Her bestfiend: Lia is really kind and I really like her but she has been sad these days I dont know why

Another friend: Maybe someone made her feel uncomfirtible lets go comfirt her

Her best friend: okay
by June 06, 2021
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