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A fast spreading new definition of the word leveled, meaning that a person got owned. People will often accompany the use of the word with a backwards L shape of their hand signalling that a person got leveled. The character LevelMasterJ was the first recorded person known to use the saying in such a way.
A man falls over in the street.

Person 1:''Man did you see that! That person just got leveled!''
(Makes a L shape with their hand purposefully reversed to the opposite direction for the meaning leveled in order to not be confused with loser.)
by LevelMasterJ July 24, 2011
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Totally crunked, floored, tossed, slapped, belted, throttled, thrashed, slammed, grilled, drilled, popped, cleaned, clocked,lashed, reamed, flogged, rocked, bucked, cleaved, knifed, smacked, hammered, mangled, knocked, or any other derivative of the word "pwnt"
STFU Big Tony, I leveled your fat ass
by Thomas Schleiker October 29, 2005
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verb: chill about something, happy with the situation
happy and confident about yourself
adverb: cool
Question: "how you feeling?"
Answer: "I'm totally leveled"

Statement: "You're looking so damn leveled babe!"

Statement: "This place is soooo leveled!"
by GetfunkD May 29, 2018
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Getting drunk and high at the same time, except with a steam roller smoking device. Leveled refers to a balance of being high from weed and being low from drinking. The term leveled is derived from the reference to a construction steam roller's leveling action.

This term elaborates on the word crunked, which does not designate a smoking device.
Man those drinks didn't get me until I hit that steam roller, and then I got leveled and passed out.
by apparat December 23, 2009
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