Beautiful, kind, sweet, and loving. True to friend but views self will loathing or hate. She Is amazing just the way she is.
Levana is beautiful but claims she is fat
by Link1992 March 16, 2014
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Levana is the most amazing person, she’s ill always be there for you anytime of the day, month and year. She is a very kind,caring, honest and extremely beautiful person. Levanas are people who gain many friends but keep there best friends extremely close, levanas are very hyper, crazy and loud (but in a good way) there jokes always make you laugh until you cannot even breath but most of the time they don’t even need to make a joke they are just naturally funny people. You can’t not love a Levana, even if they do something to hurt you as a mistake, you will always love them and they will feel the same way about you. You can see right through their personality which always lights up the room and makes everyone’s day fantastic and you can’t not have a Levana around you. If you ever meet a Levana make sure to hang onto them.
by Maddypop August 11, 2018
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Evil Queen, manipulative, cruel. Nasty little bug on Luna making her people suffer so she lives in luxury in Artemisia.
But once you read ‘fairest’ you’ll see she’s an innocent little princess who just wants to beautiful too. She’s been through a lot, had a lot of pain and all she wants is love and a family. She sees she’ll be a better queen, she just wants the best for her people. Very clever and interested in royal business.
Only Levana-too young and ugly to matter-would go on living in her sisters shadow...
by Icicle🖤 October 16, 2019
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Levana is a slag that likes bbc up her batty
by Haha Lev September 04, 2019
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