A person who tries to be funny by using the French preposition 'Le' far too often, and instead makes themself look ridiculous.
Person 1: "I will eat le cookie"
Person 2: "Man, that guy is such a Letard".
by Trugsy March 14, 2016
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A combined word that means Loser and Retard.
Dude, why is that Letard trying to steal my girlfriend?
by dude March 23, 2005
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Someone who comes across as illiterate and not very intelligent.
Lebron James is such a LeTard. Did you hear his attempt to explain his reasons for leaving Clevelanad for South Beach (the Miami Heat) the other night night on ESPN?
by Uno Numero July 11, 2010
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Letard is a Gender for big fucking losers that can’t manage to get wins in warzone because even though they have a full team they can’t communicate for shit one might have a shitty dog barking in the background while another has a loud ass fan
I’m no longer male I am a Letard
by Tokyo loves apples November 12, 2020
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The name Leah mixed with retard, "Letard"
"Im gonna call you letard now, do you know why? Fact you don't"
by Lalagoesgaga June 26, 2017
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