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Lesha is a strong person, can be a loving parent or care taker. Tend to have a natural anxiety, can be a procrastinator but somehow always finishes the task at hand on time. Lesha is most likely a female. She can have a great personality, but also have a very beautiful figure. Lesha's are very intelligent, interesting, and one of the most bubbly person on the planet.
Lesha has been very nice to me today, but she seems to be a little loud.
by Caspi June 29, 2015
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A very horny cuddler who tends to rub barbels on a kid named "Timmy" . Her big breasts are attracted to huge BigVictors ;D . NOT A PEDOPHILE!
Lesha was the horny cuddler that laid next to Anthony and Timmy, rubbed her barbel in there faces and felt their Victors get Big.
by leshax0baby September 30, 2009
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