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Tall, Spanish guy who has a huge heart but no one really it until they actually get to him. A goof ball but is very serious at the same time. Doesn’t like to socialize and always has the best instincts for everything. He has a third eye and can see who is fake and isn’t. If you find a Leopoldo make sure to keep him as a friend and don’t back stab him because he’ll never fully trust you again.
He kinda reminds me of a Leopoldo
by Ytoob_Rekcil March 11, 2020
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by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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noun; a human being...... mexican male . someone who gets pissed really fast so watch what you tell them. they fall in love really easy but stay liking that girl for a long time. wears alot of black.....kinda Emo ...even though he is really good with soccer .....
That leopoldo is so emo.
by sexyemofella96 November 21, 2010
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Leopoldo - African male monkey that is said to live in a tribe. He is mostly black and has a big penis. Is handsome and real sexy.
Damn Leopoldo is so black.

I wish mine was as big as Leopoldo's
by Frijole man that is actually g November 01, 2018
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