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The name of a female who is extremely awesome. Typically Filipino, one who goes by Diandra has moved to America from a foreign country for the sole purpose of sharing their awesomeness with a larger audience. Often times after coming to America, Diandra's move from state to state to meet a variety of people who can never match up to the awesomeness level of their own. All in all, Diandra's usually become very successful in life due to their excellent social skills and drive to achieve their goals.

The name Diandra originated within America as a combination of the names Diana and Sandra. Being of American origin only adds to the need of a Diandra to move to America.

It is important to note that the next closest person in terms of awesomeness is usually a Lennon.
1. Diandra is probably the most awesome person I know.
2. I wish I could have the success and social life of Diandra.
by Lennon A. May 24, 2008
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A word used to describe something crazy, random, and awesome.
"Man you are so Diandra!"

"Dude, that was Diandra!"

(wow Diandra doesn't get it!)
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A big, sometimes stupid noob who epicly rejects any guy who tries to come onto her. Isn't a B**** but will bite your face off if you try to tell her that you like her. Every guy is way out of her league. Is an enormous noob because she values her friends and can keep promises, like a noob. She is the most gullible person you would know but in the end she pwns you all with her incredibly huge D***, even though she isn't Lady Gaga. Diandra's generally roam in packs of 3 to 4 and have extreme mood swings. Generally make people's, especially mens, confidence levels to be reduced to a miniscule amount. The best way to capture a wild Diandra is with lots of skill and practice in dealing with bombshells

In summary, the sometimes called wild animals, diandra's should be well kept away from. Deadly in close range. They are Highly volatile at all times and should be handled with incredible care.

Can be used in any situation such as -see example 1- or -see example 2- or -example 3- or -example 4-
Example 1
Guy 1: Did you see that chick last night.
Guy 2: Yea she was a total Diandra.

Example 2
Guy 1: See that girl over there....
Guy 2: Yea
Guy 1: she's a huge diandra.
Guy 2: Yea, she looks pretty hot.
Diandra: -Bites face-

Example 3
Girl 1: That new guy is hot
Diandra: Nah, I'm way out of his league, I'm too good for him

Example 4
Guy 1: Have you ever handled explosives before
Guy 2: Yea I've handled a bombshell before... turns out it was a diandra.
by KazMall December 08, 2010
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