Lemoore, California. Namesake of Naval Air Station (NAS) Lemoore.
Nevado: Hey bro! I need a stash spot in Lemas for the Moon Stuff and Clear comin' from Visa!

Calacas: Don't stress fool! Just go to the Naval Air Station! I saw some shit on the news about two tweakers who drove into NAS Lemas and crashed into an F-18!

Nevado: Right on homey! If no one was trippin' on those two, then we should have no problems!
by ZXY&ABC July 31, 2019
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Someone who is experienced in real world skills like math or science but is also experienced with memes and urban slang
Person 1: Hey Micheal Just Texted Me A Dank Meme.
Person 2: WHAT?!? Micheal? Isn't He That Genius Kid With Perfect Grades
Person 1: Yeah I Know Right, I Didn't Know He Was A Lemas
by UrbanEel March 22, 2017
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Lema is an amazing person that is funny and is really down to earth and gets the real world. She can really life your spirits and if you have a lema, don’t let go of her. She may make mistakes but that’s just how she rolls.
by MOCHI the best thing ever mum November 30, 2019
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some-one who has been re-birthed and has at lest 3 gorgeous fathers and one mother who happens to be god's nob
I re-birthed Emma and now she is a Lema
by God's Nob December 5, 2003
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Your mother.
A word that can be used to call somebody without a meaning.
Can be used among buddies.
Also can be used to call the person's mother.
A Penang term used in Malaysia.
-Lema, let's go eat.
-Eh Lema, you fucking crazy?
-Yo, Lema fucking crazy.(Yo,your mother fucking crazy.)
by MotherOf666 February 3, 2009
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extremely moody and very irrisbonsible will fall in love every single second and dosen't care about people around. is rude to people around them.
what a lema
i hate lema
lema lema lema
by anna31424 February 13, 2017
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Hey, my girlfriends name is Evelyn Lema, what's yours? Oh wait it doesn't matter she's not evelyn
by Bran bran loves ev ev September 7, 2011
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