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A chinese term.
If word is separated,it would mean: so(crazy) hai(cunt,pussy,vagina)
Crazy/Fucking Crazy/Crazy shit
It means a fucking crazy person,fucking stupid person,fucking jackass person,fucking asshole person,etc.
It can be used to scold somebody,a nerd,or an enemy,even friends.
-Sohai, you fucking crazy man.
-That Sohai is gonna get whacked in the face.
-You're a stupid sohai.
-You're damn Sohai.
-Look at that Sohai,duno(don't know) how to use a spoon.
-You're a Sohai you know that,trying to attempt a jump down from that 5-storey building.
by MotherOf666 February 3, 2009
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Your mother.
A word that can be used to call somebody without a meaning.
Can be used among buddies.
Also can be used to call the person's mother.
A Penang term used in Malaysia.
-Lema, let's go eat.
-Eh Lema, you fucking crazy?
-Yo, Lema fucking crazy.(Yo,your mother fucking crazy.)
by MotherOf666 February 3, 2009
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