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This is what Ive heard about Lehigh,

(my friend attends there)

A school Located in the heart of Lehigh Acres, or if you wanna call it the 239. Lehigh is a "D" school, in other words the teaching is horrible and nobody knows there left from their right. The only decent teacher is Mr. Guelcher an arts teacher, he deserves a raise for dealing with these insubordinate brats that attend his class. the Administration is a joke, they have a racist administrator that hates all white people and rednecks. a principal who supossedly beat his wife, a short bald 120 pound vice principal, that thinks he's tough S**t when in all reality isn't intimidating a least bit. all he does is embarass himself. he makes the funniest faces when hes mad. The Lehigh Lightning teams suck, including the football team, thats a joke, the band isnt very good either, soocer is another poor sport, half of the cheerleaders are fat, and need to lose like 40 pounds before trying to fit in an outfit which ends up ripping after putting one leg in. the dress code is about pointless, girls have to where these gay stocking things if they want to where a skirt but they allow the fat girls wear shirts that are too short allowing there stomach to fold over there knees. thats freakin' gross. but if the school is into that kinda stuff, who am I to tell them otherwise. teachers have been kicked out for statutory rape and students as well, teachers will write you up and send you to timeout for anything even if they have to bend the truth, and the administration will do anything in their power to get you kicked out of school, most teachers lie in order for you to go to "student welfare" I swear its a conspiricy.

school in Oakland CA, is way better.
Lehigh Senior High is a terrible place to send your kids
by mrs2stepradiocharged018 April 03, 2008
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