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An online cult of sassy and overprotective girls who constantly indulge in their own hypocrisy and selfishness. Lacks any knowledge of real musical talent and instead watches dancing music videos. Known for being nice people until you criticize the genre of music
Me: I think older music has more talent and generally sounds better
Other random girl: Wow such a ignorant and disgusting person who has no opinion, Kpop is the best and you just don't like it because you have no taste for newer music.
Me: I dare you to try to enjoy music without watching epileptic dance videos of kpop that have other purposes than dance
Other: I wish you would die in a slow rice cooker

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A type of card smuggling operation in primary schools where students trade cards on the dark web of the school while whiny year 1s complain about how they wanted tradebacks
Joey: What pokemon cards you got to trade

Bob: Mega Primal magikarp gx ex
Joey: You got a sleeve for that so I can SLIP it in?
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A juvenile torturing device used by many children because they can build more torturing devices with it
Joe: I stepped on a lego
Mark: Hey look I made a better torturing device
Janet: I tried your torturing device mark and it's so long and the tip is hard

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A button that when pressed, creates a paradox that crash the whole dictionary
Thanos shriveled the timestone into pieces because the "add it" button created better paradoxes

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a collection of letters used in a parts of a sentence, for example this is a word
a collection of letters used in a parts of a sentence, for example this is a word

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