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A name given to a person with left wing beliefs by somebody who is right-wing.
Often derogatory.
see leftie
"Only traitors and leftists wouldn't vote for Donald Trump!"
by the meme wizard July 26, 2016
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A person who simultaneously advocates for radical individualism, and radical egalitarianism.

Radical individualism being the exhuberant (and often jealous) exercising of personal freedoms without a sense of responsibility to human history, immutable principles, or the society around them. The individual tends more to emphasize personal *rights*, while neglecting personal *responsibilities.* When widely adopted, this leads to social/cultural decay.

Radical egalitarianism is the advocation of equality of *outcome* rather than equality of *opportunity* and, often unconsciously, seeks to persecute those who have achieved more than others with the hand they've been dealt. Thus the desire for the biggest kid on the block (government) to impose, whether by force of law or bullets, an elastic concept of "fairness" on achieving citizenry.

While, at their core, the two concepts are often at odds, they are emphasized at different times, which circumvents this conflict.

Leftists very often view such figures as Marx, Castro, Chavez and their ilk with sympathy, if not admiration.
"Its very difficult to speak to my dad. He fought in WWII and I'm a leftist, so there's just this huge philosophical gulf." :\

"Yeah, I know the Inquisition killed, like, 3000 people over a coupla hundred years, but it just flabberghasted me how many millions were killed in leftist regimes in just the 20th century!"
by Orphanator January 19, 2008
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1. A member of an ideological camp that defines socialism as a form of totalitarian secular feudalism; an advocate for the management of non-Leftist people as farm animals
"When the Leftist tried to convince me that North Korea had the only true and just form of socialism on earth, I gave up on trying to talk rationally with him and just walked away."
by DrCruel December 28, 2005
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1)a lazy, self serving, communistic, marxist, anti-christian, islamist loving weasel
2)a inadequate, insecure person who tries to silence and belittle those who disagree with their opinions, but in reality all they do is delete those popular and truthful urbandictionary defintions.
99% of the posters in urbandictionary are leftists
by Lobot June 01, 2005
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Someone who thinks liberty is found through government controls in economics; which makes no sense. They also beleive liberty pertaining to drugs, abortion, and prostitution is found through the lack of government which makes much sense.
by bob November 02, 2003
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anyone stupid enough to post the following definition: Anybody who does not worship George W. Bush.
like you, traitor
Ted Kennedy is a leftist
by russ harris December 17, 2003
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