Someone who is a communist retard and isnt informed about politics and all the care is about utopia which is dystopia
Person 1: We should remove gender classification
Person 2: No we shouldn't that would cause confusion in our society
Person 1: No, N*zi, it would cause Utopia
Person 2: Shut the **** up Commie leftard *****!
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A Biden fanboy who screamed and minged for 4 years after Trump won the election, but in 2020 they call others insane for even questioning the election.
by December 15, 2020
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The opposite of a rightard, but just as horrible.
Leftard: I identify as wefokweofkoakwefokgender.
Sane person: Dude you're a fucking idiot. There are only two genders.
Leftard: REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!111!!1!!11!
by Inquisitive Walnut August 10, 2019
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The state of being so far left-wing in ideology, it gives the impression person afflicted must be mentally handicapped - read: Retarded, to have such opinions.
She's so caught up in her ignorant, delusional ideology that facts and logic mean absolutely nothing to her. That moron is so pathetically leftarded.
by whatshitsme March 11, 2016
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Excessive brain damage often caused by drinking cyanide-laced Kool-Aid, those who are medically defined to be "Leftarded" appear to have the following symptoms:

Praise for third-world cultures, government structures, and 6th century barbaric war cults.

Praise for failed economic and political models that results in mass genocide.

Refusal to take consequence for their actions, and projects their own hatred on their opponents.

Denial of basic biological functions and cellular makeup.

Excessive weight gain, oversized earlobe earrings, as well as piercings and tattoos covering their bodies.

Hatred of pale skin pigmentation.

Views violent sacrifices of preborn babies as sacred.

Prone to outbursts of tears or anger if emotionally triggered.

Views violation of Federal Immigration Laws as legal.

Belief in state-run propaganda outlets as "truth", while suppressing alternate information.

If you, or a loved one, knows anybody who is a Leftard, the only known solution would be permanent exile to "Leftard Colony" quarantine zones, most notably California or Sweden.
Leftardation is a cancer to a free and properly functioning society, and must be cured at all costs if Western Civilization is to survive this pandemic of idiocy.
by lCOYARlCllCOYAR February 16, 2017
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a person who jumps on the liberal bandwagon without really understanding any political issues because they think it is sexy and it goes along with their hippie, (or hipster), long-haired, burner, pot-head image. These people can often be spotted at the Eugene Saturday Market buying hemp clothing for 100s of dollars, wearing outfits that cost a ton but look like they are hand made and falling apart. Leftards will never be able to engage in any meaningful discussion about their talking points, as they will only know one-sided and often vague facts about the issue, and will often hold seemingly contradictory ideas, such as supporting gay and women's rights, but being against the only liberal democracy that upholds these rights in the Middle East, namely, Israel. Leftards are what is wrong with the American Liberal and Leftist movements - they are quintessential posers who really just want to spend their parent's money on drugs, expensive music festivals and "hippie" clothes - they will never spend money on actually supporting the causes they purport to care about. They suck and I seriously dislike them.
Q: "Hey, your outfit looks really awesome - did you make it?"
A: "No, Im a leftard, so I spent $1000 to look homeless."

That leftard was totally unable to stand up to sound argument, and had no idea of the geopolitical or social history of the issue, and I made him look like a fool in front of his pot-smoking, dread-locked posse.

Hey look, a whole bevvy of leftards at the Eugene Saturday Market banging on drums and agreeing blindly with each other.
by lovehippies May 3, 2011
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