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slang for Leila - a dark haired beauty. There is only one known leelee in exsistance.
by Droog March 09, 2004
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someone who is amazing and needs to have higher self esteem because she is a gorgeous girl. lee lee is a nickname for someone named karly. Karly is a name that applies to a female that guys are obssesed with. Lee lee is a wild random person, that loves making awkward moments. others tend to hate this but continue to love her anyways cause she is that beautiful and kind.
boy 1: damn lee lee is the best girl ever
boy 2: i know right any guy is lucky to talk to her
boy 1:yea i know dude but i heard shell talk to anyone lets try it
boy 2:anything to talk to that sexy beast
by leeleelover December 15, 2010
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a nickname for those with names relating to the sound of LEEEEEEE

and what a sweet sound it is

can also be used to describe a clingy person.. like a leach..
Etc Etccc

That person is such a leelee. GAWWWD
by LeeLeeBBupaTREETREE July 12, 2008
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definition of perfection. Wait....she can get angry at time but besides that she is a full package. Her name speaks for herself. She is a hottie with nice toned legs. Not skinny like a stick,not fat tree trunk but very toned. She is one to look out when you older, keep an eye out on Leelee. NEVER EVER make her jealous, leelee always thinks of the worst when you do things and get really really paranoid. She isn't hot she isn't sexy but she is her own extordinary word. leelee
wow i thought leelee didn't exist nor this stunning looks!"
by lelH BENN March 13, 2017
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A Lee-Lee is a human thing that when you give her/him sugar and caffeine type substances they become uberly hyper and begin to bounce off the walls. Pepsi is one of the main causes to trigger a Lee-Lee into a stage of hyperness.
Oh look there's a Lee-Lee thing
by ennael16 August 18, 2008
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the coolest girl in the worlddd.. she likes jamba juice, starbucks, and telling people to die :) obviously shes a rere but shes also the most awesome-est person to roam illinois<3
by jew! February 25, 2005
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Shes nice... If you get on her good side, but if u get on her bad side, u might regret it. She's beautiful, kind, with amazing hair, and a pretty smile. People tend to run over her because of her niceness tho. Most leelees are tall. She can be real with u as long as u are with her. She hates drama and violence and she's extraordinary and different. shes
Cool. She can also dance. She also not like other girls.
"look at leelee" boy said.
"how do I know her name?" Girl said.
"she just looks like a leelee" boy said.
by Buggie widda hoodie May 22, 2018
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