Someone who likes to hang with you just to smoke your weed. May ask to "borrow a bud" from time to time, but seldom returns the favor.
Dude 1: Hey look at this nice bud, you wanna smoke some?
Dude 2: Man put that away - Tommy the bud leech is headed this way .
by Ditzlexic December 31, 2016
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whenever you're offered drugs by somebody who is already high on said drug.
Never geek leech when a tuned geeker approaches you with Lean
by wonkset November 2, 2021
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Nonna leeche is the queen of spades in the card game heart...... also can be the name of christopher columbus' wife said to be the first lady of the night aka prostitute in the modern world.,
nonna leeche
by nancycharlesoscar150 September 10, 2009
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A skinny lad
With a good sense of humour

It aint bad
I want his slong

Because its too long
“I want liam leeches slong in my mouth
by Liam leeches lover February 15, 2022
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