a prostitute, a woman who has sex for money
When I learned that she was a lady of the night I thought I was going to vomit.
by The Return of Light Joker July 11, 2008
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A woman who trades sexual favors for money.
Nelson: "I don't think we have any ladies off the night in globe..."

Eric: "Yeah, things haven't been the same there since your mom got married."
by waltermitty September 8, 2004
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A permisquouis girl who enters a man's house after dusk and is out before dawn in an effort to keep her adventurous sex life as private as possible. Better known as an "LOTN" between the boys.
My roommate Zack was Stuffing his lady of the night again last night. I never saw her, but I'm pretty sure she came
by J dangs November 4, 2017
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a group of crazy drug addict with nothing else to do then drink every hour of the day, not work, snort coke, have sex for drugs and to fill the pain they're fathers have caused them. they also cause drama to themselves so they have something to cry about in a weekly blog.
ladies of the night on myspace.com
by fuel to fire October 31, 2006
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Lady of the night - A girl with a lot of tattoos, piercings, and some sort of obsession with Budweiser. Not the datable type. Will freak out, and become a raging bitch upon being asked to be a girlfriend. Mornings are not a good time to see these types, they often resemble a zombie with make up smeared all over there face and chipped nail polish littering your bed. Hair is usually frayed at the ends and breath usually filled with vomit from the night before. Remember, never date.
I asked B***** to be my girlfriend. Dude, horrible decision. Two weeks later and I'm broke, I'm smoking again, and I think I have a hemorrhoid from listening to her bitch. God damn, and she just broke up with me. I should have known, never date a Lady of the night.
by Men agains't LadysoftheNight January 11, 2010
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Pejorative used by a group of men to describe a member that ducks out of comraderie, goes to bed early, or does not demonstrate stereotypically macho traits.
"What's up with this giant suitcase for a two day trip?"
"Don't ask me, it belongs to Ladies Night over there."

"I'm going bed, guys. Do you mind keeping it down?"
"Whatever you say, Ladies Night."
by J.G August 22, 2007
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